KM Dance Project aims to present progressive choreography and innovative multi-disciplinary works that lie at the intersection of dance-theater and social justice. It is our intention to enhance the public’s appreciation of dance rooted in experiences of the African Diaspora, while exposing issues of community responsibility and empowerment.

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December 10, 2016
The Origin of Life On Earth:

An African Creation Myth
10am at Roussel Hall (Loyola University)

This dance/theater adaptation is based on the legend of how Earth and the first people were created, according to Yoruba Culture of West Africa. The stories were handed down to the author as they were retold by his ancestors. This creation story connects the African Diaspora and the arrival of West Africans to New Orleans and their legacy in New Orleans culture and tradition. The production uses the concept of the griot (storytelling) and combines spoken word with film images presented from dancers and film, accompanied by the songs of musicians and vocalists.